Sending an Email: What You Should Know

Sending an Email: What You Should Know

There are some general rules when sending out an email to a list of prospects. The Federal Trade Commission along with the CAN-SPAM Act requires businesses that send out emails to comply to certain rules and regulations. These rules were drafter together to help protect email recipients. We’ve put together a check-list of these standard rules to help companies easily adhere to these regulations. Here is our quick check-list to use prior to sending any commercial email.

General Rules

  • Include both an HTML and text versions of your email(s)
  • Be consistent with sending frequency
  • Include an unsubscribe option
  • Most importantly, remove recipients who unsubscribe from your list right away

Email Delivery

  • Send emails to seed accounts to test deliverability
  • Maintain a consistent ‘From’ company name and physical address
  • Avoid spam words like FREE, fast cash and Act now!
  • Remove old and inactive subscribers from your list.
  • Prompt/ask email recipiants to add you to their address book

Content & Creative

  • Use a subject line that is not misleading; it should have relevance to the content
  • Use pre-header text to support your subject line
  • Use small paragraphs, bullets and bold lettering
  • Use ‘alt tags’ for images for email clients who do not automatically load images
  • Make sure your email is mobile friendly and responsive — because many emails are read via mobile device
  • Avoid using too many images – we recommend 80% text and 20% image
  • Ensure your email is CAN-SPAM compliant – include physical address, unsubscribe link and clear ‘From’ address.

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